Aloe Products Launch

Hilltop Gardens is a destination for guests to experience, learn and enjoy... where all activities are intended toward restoration, nourishment and preservation of an environment promoting human wellness of mind, body and spirit.
— Mission Statement
Hilltop Gardens + Historical Home of Aloe

Hilltop Gardens + Historical Home of Aloe

The History

Almost 80 years in the making... Hilltop Gardens + Historical Home of Aloe, is excited to announce our brand new personal and skin-care products. 

Founded in 1939 by Lee and Sherman Ewald, Hilltop Gardens started on 100 acres in deep South Texas. Lee Ewald recognized the medical properties of Aloe vera and pioneered it's commercial production in the United States. Hilltop Gardens was incorporated in 1959 and became an integral part of the global health industry. Hilltop Gardens is believed to be the first business using Aloe vera gel as an ingredient in cosmetics.

The farm operation has since become organic and in 2012 Hilltop Gardens opened to the general public featuring a botanical/healing garden, sensory walk, visitor's center and inn. Hilltop Gardens has also contracted a grower in South Africa, where Aloe vera originates from, to supply over 200 species of Aloe which are now growing on our property. Hilltop Gardens now represents the largest collection of species of Aloe in the U.S. In 2014, the State of Texas designated Hilltop Gardens an official state landmark. Click HERE to learn more.

The Products

Hilltop Gardens - 2017 Product Line

Hilltop Gardens - 2017 Product Line

Hilltop Gardens captures the eternal wisdom of Aloe with our unique revitalizing formulas that restore your natural beauty and allow you to truly experience the best nature has to offer.

Utilizing formulas that have been perfected after decades of research, Hilltop Gardens is excited to unveil it's brand new product line. Naturally, all of our products utilize organic Aloe vera as our core ingredient. Hilltop Gardens has formulated the perfect blends to provide the essential nutrients to your skin and hair, while also being harmless to the body.

4 Major Benefits of Aloe:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory
  2. Skin Cell Rehabilitation & Anti-Aging
  3. Strengthens Immune System
  4. Supports Digestive Health

In addition to being an incredible product, our packaging was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award in 2017. iF grants this designation to deserving designers from all the world for excellence in product and graphic design. The iF Award logo is proudly displayed on each of our product boxes.

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