The gardens of Hilltop Gardens are a beautiful tropical setting that will surprise and impress garden lovers and the casual visitor alike. The overall concept is a healing garden with a tropical style. Built as an expression of our company’s philosophy “to bring the best of nature to humankind” the gardens are a place of aesthetic beauty and solace. Surrounded by a 720 acre organic farm visitors can enjoy the quiet, peaceful location and experience the sensual appeal of nature’s glory.


  • Sensory Walk
  • Memorial Garden
  • Healing Garden
  • Children's Garden


Awards & Recognition

Hilltop Gardens, along with Bury, Inc., were awarded a Merit Award from the Texas Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) as a part of their 2014 Professional Awards Program. The award recognized outstanding examples of work by Texas landscape architects and the contribution of the project to the quality of life in Texas. The award was presented at the ASLA conference in San Antonio in 2015. 

Sensory Walk

The connecting garden pathways will focus on stimulating different senses. Different sections of the path consist of plants that have contrasting textures contrasting colors or similar textures and colors to stimulate the sense of sight. Other sections have plants that make noise when the wind blows, such as bamboo, and have running water or wind chimes to stimulate the sense of sound. Another section has different herbs and fruit trees to stimulate the sense of taste. To stimulate the sense of touch different textured plants have been placed to encourage physical contact with different textured plants. Finally a sense of smell can be stimulated by smelling particular plants that display the variety of fragrances plants can posses.

Memorial Garden

At the entrance to this garden is the bust of our founder Yunho Lee (d.1996) whose vision started with the use of the aloe plant for healing. A stroll through this rambling hill studded garden will reveal an amazing collection of 200 species of the genus Aloe. Coming to Texas from Africa these plants is the signature collection of Hilltops botanical assortment. The landscape berms will provide intimate spaces for a small group of people to sit and talk or for one person to sit and reflect amongst one of the best recognized healing plants that nature provides.

Healing Garden

This Garden’s main focus will be on healing properties of plants and education about them. This garden is a display of different healing plants. Surrounded by herbs and other healing plants visitors will be able to gaze at the world passing by in a reflecting pool or listen to kiskadees calling from the canopy of trees. 

Children's Garden

This is an interactive garden for children.  The Garden features an interactive fountain which flows into a small “stream” leading the visitor through the garden to a pond. An open lawn space and small hill provide plenty of room for children to play and use their imagination. There is a sand play area with interactive play equipment and stepping stones to play on as well as a palm “forests” to run through. Two types of labyrinths provide an opportunity for introspective thought.  Raised planters give children an opportunity to dig in the dirt, and finally an oak tree over a deck provides a spot for children to sit and learn about the gardens under the “Story Tree”.